Getting started with Tecknaro


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What is Tecknaro? (4 minutes)

Dive In

Massive Immersion Introduction (4 minutes)
Video contents:
Talking about software 0:04
Deconstructing the workspace0:53
Drawing to describe systems1:35
Drawing to describe projects1:40
Not freeform drawing1:44
The Mingus1:58
Working collaboratively3:47
Workspace Basics (10 minutes)
Video contents:
Opening canvases 0:17
The database you draw 0:23
Two canvas types 0:34
Loading existing canvases 0:41
Creating new canvases 0:44
Using the canvas list 0:47
Mange canvases tab 1:27
Share canvases tab 1:50
Opening a new canvas 3:54
The tools 4:12
Zoom 6:16
Opening and closing tool palettes 6:51
When in doubt, right-click 7:04
Variations on saving 7:43

Project Canvas

Project Basics I (7 minutes)
Video contents:
Tool palettes 0:22
Project tools 0:29
Task Mingus tool 0:39
Placing multiple tasks on the canvas 1:01
The Task Mingus 1:44
Project Basics II (8 minutes)
Video contents:
Task structure in projects 0:19
Task structure and hierarchy in Tecknaro 0:26
The taskset 0:29
The task table 1:17
Status bar in tasksets 2:02
Uncertainty in rollup 3:08
Forced rollup of duration value 4:11
Todo lists 4:56
Notes 5:53
Navigation using alt-click in tables 7:01
Sequences and Dependencies (5 minutes)
Video contents:
Project structure in Tecknaro 0:16
Dependencies in Tecknaro 0:47
Sequential (simple) dependencies 0:50
Sequences 0:55
The sequence tool 1:04
Using the sequence tool 1:08
The sequence menu 1:37
Described (complex) dependencies 3:16
Using dependency to navigate to original 4:04
The dependencies table 4:11
Two sequences dependent on the same single task 4:31
Schedules and Resources (14 minutes)
Video contents:
Temporal dimensions of tasks 0:07
Three elements in task Mingus 0:14
Two states of tasks in time 0:39
Task detail flag 1:26
Task table 1:28
Distinguishing between estimating and tracking 1:31
Estimating duration 1:41
Working with ranges and duration notes 1:59
Setting start and end dates 2:19
Decoupling duration from start and end dates 2:33
Expressing estimated start dates as a range 2:46
Expressing estimated end date as a range in task table 3:14
Setting real/actual start and end dates 3:27
Describing tasks in certain terms 4:05
Describing tasks in uncertain terms 4:07
Pinning down windows 4:12
Assigning resources 4:29
Tasks accumulating as stacks in schedules 6:04
Schedules in multi‐user collaborative environments 6:46
Opening a closed project from a resource’s schedule 8:06
Different views of time 9:16
The multi‐schedule view 9:54
Working with ranges to show project risk 11:29
Showing duration uncertain tasks in resource schedule 12:14
Showing date uncertain tasks in resource schedule 12:44
Assigning a task to multiple people 13:03
Assigning to teams 13:24

Systems Canvas

Systems Basics (13 minutes)
Video contents:
In this video 0:07
Systems tool palette 0:19
Systems tools 0:37
Systems Mingus tool 0:48
Representing software, hardware, and relationships 1:36
The location tool 2:04
The connection tool 2:32
Annotation row selection tool 2:49
Software tools 3:10
Software Minguses 3:12
Annotation tools 4:32
Inner annotations 4:46
Interface annotations 6:12
OS annotations 8:18
Hardware 9:40
Relationships and Dependencies (21 minutes)
Video contents:
In this video0:08
Lower right rack1:21
Declaring relationships with connector tool5:11
Upper right rack9:02
Annotation mingus racks12:43
Hardware racks15:57
Interface annotation racks18:25

Cross-Canvas Features

PreTasks (6 minutes)
Video contents:
In this video0:08
Minguses describing projects0:24
Minguses describing systems0:28
The intersect of systems and projects0:31
What pretasks do0:35
The pretask table1:12
The T Link1:33
Thinking of tasks while drawing systems2:04
Rendering pretasks as tasks in a project canvas2:22
Opening a linked system from inside its related tasks2:57
Rendering pretasks as to‐do items3:00
Inter‐canvas synchronization and updates3:24
Wormholing to tasks from the related systems canvas table3:58
One‐to‐many/many‐to‐one relationships between systems and tasks4:19
Linking existing project tasks to pretasks in a new systems canvas4:28
Linking existing project to-do items to pretasks in a new systems canvas4:51
Pretask links behavior within alternate versions4:53
Creating project templates based on systems descriptions5:11
Using pretasks as a project/systems blueprint5:38
Managing Uncertainty (6 minutes)
Video contents:
Many references to uncertainty0:08
Projects as the accumulation of certainty and the reduction of uncertainty0:31
Uncertain not blank0:38
Gathering certainty as workflow0:43
In this video0:49
Managing differing opinions about project attributes1:11
Uncertainty and disagreements in systems3:10
Other uncertainty types3:30
Interface connection uncertainty4:38
Creating a pretask to solve an uncertainty5:10
Declaring uncertain connections5:18

Cheat Sheets (pdfs)

IMPORTANT: These cheat sheets assume that you have seen the videos. They are supposed to compliment the videos, be quick reminders of the videos and in some cases, discuss things the videos didn't, but they are NOT a substitute for the videos.

General Canvas Behavior

Project Canvas

Systems Canvas